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Steroids ED vs EOD vs E3D vs EW – What’s the BEST SCHEDULE?

Anyone who decides to take the route of performance enhancement faces the same challenge at the beginning: deciding whether to take steroids ED vs EOD vs E3d vs EW.

That might look confusing, but really they’re just abbreviations for the different schedules for taking anabolic steroids.

Take a look:

  • ED means Every Day
  • EOD means Every Other Day
  • E3D means Every 3 Days
  • EW means Every Week

Each schedule is best suited for different people with different goals. For example, if you’re injecting Winstrol, your injection site might get sore and require a break. Or maybe the side effects are starting to catch up with you.

Regardless of which schedule you use, you should know the benefits and downsides of each. In addition, you should consider taking natural steroids daily for the most healthy, sustainable results. Buy legal steroids online here.

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Steroids ED vs EOD vs E3d vs EW

Comparing steroid usage ED vs EOD vs E3d vs EW can be tough. It’s important to remember that some steroids are better suited for daily use, while others have effects that are long-lasting and catered to less frequent use.

While most bodybuilders jump right into daily use, it’s important to look at each schedule and compare the benefits and downsides.

Steroids Every Day

Ask a random bodybuilder what the best schedule is and there’s a good chance they will say that steroids every day is the best. They will say that this is the most effective way of keeping your steroid blood plasma levels even and stable, which creates more consistent results.

Although this is true, remember:

Every drug has a different half-life. Consider Dianabol: it’s a short-ester steroid that doesn’t take long to create effects and stays in your body for about 6 to 10 hours. For this reason, it is best to take it daily.

If you took it every week or every 3 days you wouldn’t be able to maintain the stable blood plasma levels of the drug needed to give the best results.

For daily use, these steroids are also ideal:


Steroids Every Other Day

If you’re using long-ester steroids like Testosterone Cypionate, you can adhere to schedules that are a bit less frequent, such as every other day.

Long-esters take longer for their effects to kick in, but when they do, they last. They also stay in your system for longer. For example, Deca Durabolin has a half-life of 6 days, which means it takes about 12 hours to leave your system.

But remember:

This is different from the kick-in time, which is about 3 to 5 weeks.

With these kinds of long-acting steroids, you can be sure that even when you’re not dosing, your blood has stable levels of the drug. And stable levels means it’s still working to increase your strength and size.

Some effects of long-lasting steroids are:

  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Increased muscle repair
  • Increased Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1)

Of course, some people opt for even less frequent steroid cycles than EOD.

Steroids Every 3 Days

Similar to EOD schedules, a schedule that asks for dosage every 3 days is catered to performance-enhancing compounds that are long-lasting. In addition to Deca Durabolin and Testosterone Cypionate, there are many others.

These include:

Steroids Every Week

Taking steroids every week requires long-lasting steroids with strong effects that keep muscle growth in action even when you’re not using them. Although once a week use is the minimum schedule that you should use steroids, you can still get some impressive results.

But lots of serious bodybuilders avoid this schedule due to fears that they’re not getting the most out of their compounds.

However, a big benefit of this schedule is fewer side effects.


Side Effects of Steroids

Steroid side effects are more likely with increased dosage frequency. For example, ED and EOD will bring the most, while EW and E3D will give the least.

Some of the most common adverse effects of steroids are:

  • Liver damage or cancer
  • Heart problems
  • Swelling of arms and legs
  • Jaundice
  • Acne
  • Gynecomastia/”man tits”
  • Hair loss
  • Mood changes
  • Insomnia
  • Interference with cholesterol levels

To avoid these nasty side effects, invest in legal alternatives.

Natural Alternatives

CrazyBulk products are legal steroids that are all used daily (or ED) for 2-month periods, with a recommended 1.5-week break in the middle for the best results. They also come with guarantees of no side effects and results within 30 days.

Here are their products:

If you’re still considering whether to use steroids ED vs EOD vs E3d vs EW, the easier chose is using legal products daily. Not only do these products come with results guarantees, but you also don’t have to worry about nasty side effects.

If you decide to use anabolics illegally, just make sure you know the ins and outs of the compound your using and stick to a proper schedule.


Brooks JH, Ahmad I, Easton G. Anabolic steroid use. BMJ. 2016 Oct 13;355:i5023. doi: 10.1136/bmj.i5023.

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